World of Rogues

What is Rogues Studio - So essentially think of Rogues as an ecosystem for gamers as well as game developers to build unique, quirky, and social games.

Welcome to an exciting episode of Ready Layer One where we dive deep into the world of gaming, startups, and community building. Join us as Anna Stoilova the Founder of Rogues Studio sheds light on the innovative game "World of Rogues" building on NEAR Protocol.

Rogues Studio

World of Rogues

Anna Stoilova

In this discussion, we explore the remarkable achievements of Rogues Studio, characterized by a relentless focus on hard work and independence from external investment. Learn about the value of transparency, community involvement, and resource management as cornerstones of success in the Web3 industry.

🎮 Key Highlights:

  • Resource Management: Understanding why founders need to be careful with the allocation of resources and avoiding waste is the key to shared prosperity.
  • Transparency and Community Involvement: Discover how transparency and community engagement can drive startup success, even without external funding.
  • Strength in Teamwork: Delve into the importance of having a motivated, hardworking team, and the role of in-house talent in efficient operation and progress.
  • User vs. Community Members: A thought-provoking discussion on why community members should be nurtured and seen as more than mere users.
  • Building a Gaming Community: Witness the magic of community building within a game and learn about the challenges of maintaining player engagement.

This episode offers a fresh perspective on building and nurturing communities in gaming, connecting with every player, and realizing the potential of Web3, to revolutionize power dynamics. Don't miss out on this engaging conversation filled with insights and enthusiasm!

[00:00:36] Rogue's Studio achievements.
[00:05:15] Building organically in Web 2.0 era.
[00:07:09] How to build a dream team.
[00:12:19] Influencer marketing experiences.
[00:14:12] Mobile game on Flow blockchain.
[00:17:21] Gaming and blockchain integration.
[00:23:52] Times to play the game.
[00:25:45] Quests and Rebuilding Both Guard.
[00:29:20] Finding the right game model.
[00:31:16] Digital ownership in Web3.
[00:35:00] Shifting value and power.
[00:38:32] Making informed financial decisions.