Crypto is not dead! Building in the bear market NEAR and AURORA weekly update show. Who SHARDED? - Powered by NEARWEEK

Is Crypto dead? No! NEAR and AURORA are building a lot in the bear market. Who Sharded? Powered by NEARWEEK is a weekly show that brings you the updates from around NEAR and AURORA ecosystem.

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NEAR Foundation’s Vision for the Future

If you didn't manage to catch the @finance_ref spaces with @resdegen - here is the TLDR (or TLDL) on the situation with $USN

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Illia Polosukhin Introduced Meta Transactions on NEAR bringing fee less experience like Aurora+

SailGP launched official Digital Collectibles on NEAR. Collect SailGP Memorabilia NFTs on Paras

Sender Wallet will be integrating HAPI to be their main AML provider to prevent Sender users from interacting with risky addresses

The NEAR Wiki: Relaunch 🎉

NEAR Foundation has awarded a $50,000 grant to Connect3 to help its development of the Web3 social profile in the NEAR ecosystem.

Zerion Wallet now supports Aurora! Join the Zerion x Aurora Week starting tomorrow to learn about Bastion, Aurigami, TriSolaris, Polaris & NearPad And Join on Wednesday for a Twitter Space with Alex from Aurora. And Claim your ZerionDNA, the living NFT

Octopus Network featured in Standard Bank ZA’s African Blockchain Report 2021 - recognized as a pioneer in the #AfricanBlockchain Space

Vote for your preferred choice of rewards for Stake Wars 2.0

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NEAR Foundation Launches Smart Contract Audit Program

More than 15 million wallets have been created on Near Protocol

NEAR released new version of nearcore 1.27.0. Voting for the mainnet protocol upgrade is scheduled to start at 2022-06-27

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