The Evolution of Wallets: How HERE Wallet is Changing the Game for NEAR Users with Liquid Staking, Phone payments, Flexible API and Private Key Management

HERE Wallet - Mobile non-custodial wallet for NEAR Protocol with non-blocking staking.

CEO & Founder of HERE Wallet Petr Volnov | NEAR is HERE

Ready Layer One Podcast


1:00 - 10:00

  • Joe discusses the mobile app for its slick and smooth design and would like to discuss more about its functionality.
  • HERE wallet has a "share by phone number" feature and Joe is interested in understanding how it works and how it is managed.
  • The team is building open-source tools and contributing to the development of NEAR.

10:00 - 20:00

  • The main feature of HERE Wallet is its staking feature, which allows for the unlocking of more features and enables users to make transfers and transactions in the background.
  • The company has implemented a model similar to traditional banking where funds can be withdrawn with zero commission staking 90% of funds and keeping 10% for liquidity.
  • HERE Wallet is using machine learning to predict user habits and withdrawal patterns in order to rebalance the funds.

20:00 - 30:00

  • This feature is highly regarded by developers and is seen as a unique aspect of the NEAR protocol that sets it apart from others.
  • HERE Wallet is focusing on leveraging the unique technology of NEAR Protocol and making it as user-friendly and seamless as possible, with the goal of making it feel more like traditional banking, such as Apple Pay.

30:00 - end

  • The functionality of wallets will continue to evolve, becoming more like web browsers in terms of their ease of use and the ability to explore and interact with decentralized apps (dapps).
  • Jared discusses how wallets are an important tool for onboarding new users to the crypto and Web3 space, as they provide a simple, accessible entry point for exploring DAPPs and other decentralized features.

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