Talent Layer: A Decentralized Protocol for Hiring and Job Seeking on the Blockchain deploying on NEAR Protocol soon

Talent Layer is a decentralized protocol for hiring and job seeking that can be integrated by anyone, similar to a decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol. The CEO and founder of Talent Layer, Kirsten Pomales, has a web3-focused mindset and aims to not only address inefficiency but also improve overall outcomes for job seekers and employers.

The protocol aims to pool liquidity in the job market, similar to how Uniswap pools liquidity for various applications. The goal is to make it easy for marketplaces and job boards to integrate blockchain technology and solve their "chicken and egg" problem. Talent Layer is described as dev tools that facilitate interoperability, with a focus on providing major backend components needed to build a freelance marketplace, such as a reputation system, dispute resolution, job posts, bounties, and proposal systems.

The protocol is chain-agnostic and is currently deployed on Avalanche and will be deployed on Polygon and NEAR Protocol in the near future. The team working on the NEAR Protocol integration is focused on social good and plans to use a portion of proceeds to fund a DAO on NEAR. The vision for blockchain technology in job marketplaces is to pool resources and liquidity at a lower protocol level, making it easy to integrate into existing marketplaces and job boards.

Kirsten Pomales Founder and CEO https://twitter.com/kirstenrpomales

Talent Layer https://linktr.ee/talentlayer

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