SEDA Protocol - Decentralized Oracles & Data Security on NEAR and the Entire Crypto Ecosystem

Infrastructure, infrastructure, and more infrastructure! That's what the Ready Layer One team has been talking about lately. Dive into the world of decentralized oracles with our expert guest Peter, the CEO and co-founder of SEDA, a trustless data layer for Web3. Peter shares his journey from building one of the first decentralized app stores, to working on Flux to derivatives on startups, and finally pivoting to create SEDA. SEDA aims to provide a fast, permissionless, and scalable oracle across different blockchain environments with economic guarantees and shared security.

Peter shares his experience of building on NEAR Protocol and the importance of data security in the crypto space. Discover how decentralized access to private data sources can revolutionize industries, like the Nasdaq and Deutsche Bank, and learn about potential oracle attacks and how to prevent them.

Join us as we explore the advantages of NEAR's developer tools and the future of the protocol.

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Podcast show notes:

1. Introduction to our expert guest and their experience with building on NEAR. 2. Decentralized oracles: understanding their role and significance in the blockchain ecosystem. 3. The potential of decentralized access to private data sources, revolutionizing industries like Nasdaq and Deutsche Bank. 4. Addressing potential oracle attacks: understanding the risks and how they can be prevented. 5. Delving into the NEAR Protocol: exploring its features, developer tools, and growing ecosystem. 6. The importance of data security in the crypto space, and how it contributes to overall network stability. 7. Discuss NEAR's approach to scalability and the advantages it offers over other platforms. 8. Community building and organic growth: how they contribute to the development and success of blockchain networks. 9. Comparing different oracle solutions, like Chainlink, and their role in the wider crypto world. 10. Exploring the future of NEAR Protocol and the potential developments in the decentralized oracle space.

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