QSTN Unlocking Data Value

In this episode of Ready Layer One, we dive deep into the world of data monetization with Oren, the founder of QSTN - a Web 3 survey marketplace building on NEAR. We discuss the challenges of building a hybrid model that bridges Web 2.0 and Web 3.0, and the importance of creating a sustainable business model in the ever-evolving crypto space. Oren shares his experiences with hiring trustworthy developers, navigating legal compliance, and the necessity of pivoting to meet market demands. We also explore the future of QSTN, including the introduction of a data wallet, incentivized testnet, and partnerships with larger corporations. Tune in to learn about the exciting potential of monetizing data in the Web 3.0 era and how QSTN is leading the way.

Connect with QSTN
Twitter https://twitter.com/qstnus

Linktree https://linktr.ee/qstnus

Joe https://twitter.com/joespano_

Jared https://twitter.com/jarednotjerry1

NEAR near.org/

Aurora (NEAR EVM) https://aurora.dev/

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