On Dev Burnout...

Web3 devs, it’s easy to get excited about building in this space. It’s new and full of possibilities but please take time for yourself. Also, you’re in high demand!

Make sure to evaluate your time correctly. As devs, we are notorious for incorrectly estimating time but if web3 is your side thing, then you could be putting in 60-80 hours per week. That’s a recipe for burnout.

Also, make sure you feel good about any compensation. We all love to tinker but if your work is being used for a project make sure to have compensation figured out. Otherwise, burnout and resentment can come quickly.

Lastly, while this feels like a gold rush you are still super early. You’re in high demand and as a crypto boomer let me remind you, that your health and time are truly the most important things. Don’t sacrifice that, there will always be more work.