NEAR Protocol on Coinbase, javascript is happening, Brave wallet and Aurora, and more on this crypto weekly update of Who SHARDED!

Welcome to Who SHARDED a weekly news update show all about the NEAR and Aurora ecosystems.

Ready Layer One podcast

This weeks stories:

NEAR getting listed on Coinbase roadmap! Protocol's native NEAR token, cryptocurrency exchange plans to add.

Wrap up on wallets NEARWEEK has a NEAR wallet series -

NEAR releases Javascript

NEAR Releases JavaScript SDK, Bringing Web3 to 20 Million Developers

Aurora is now integrated in the Brave Wallet

Alex Shevchenko, CEO of Aurora posted a thread about L2s. The thread thoroughly explains why the Aurora architecture should be considered as one of the best designed Ethereum scalability solutions in Web3.

AMBER - a Metaverse and NFT game with a variety of battle modes, in partnership with Codame

Felix, creator of NEAR Ocean, is donating 25% of the NFT collection proceeds to charitable causes. Find out more

Multiverse Fighters announce a strategic partnership with Roketo - a financial streaming service for instant and permanent payments

Flux Protocol introduced their endgame protocol.**Mario Cao, Head of Research at Flux Protocol has done a great job describing where the protocol is heading.



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