Harmonic: Fair pay for Free Music - Revolutionizing Music Industry with Blockchain and NFTs building on NEAR

Harmonic is building technologies and platforms for musicians to send content to their fans, with a focus on independent and struggling musicians, music NFT entrepreneurs, small labels, and legacy artists. They aim to bring transparency and financial infrastructure into the same system as the application, with smart contracting to streamline financial transparency and pass-through necessary for the music industry. Harmonic also believes that building a democratic platform is important, with the ability for users to choose the algorithms or playlists that suit them and to provide metadata to make music recommendations more transparent. They are building on NEAR Protocol.

Harmonic https://twitter.com/HarmonicGuild
Quinn https://twitter.com/QArmitage
Jaswinder Singh https://twitter.com/jassification

  • Harmonic is a decentralized, autonomous company building technologies and platforms for musicians to connect with their fans.
  • The company aims to improve the current state of audio and video streaming by creating better systems.
  • Harmonic believes in building a democratic platform to benefit creators, as current organizations benefit only the entrenched interests.
  • Blockchain technology enables democratic decision-making at the base layer and brings financial infrastructure to the same system as the application.
  • The Harmonic Guild sits between the musician and the label and helps in communication through the musician's manager or management team.
  • The Guild is in the product stage but aims to become a platform, providing an immersive consumption experience with custom branding and visuals.
  • Blockchain and NFTs increase transparency and automate payments, revolutionizing the way music creators can monetize their art.
  • Verifiability in Web 3 allows users to see why certain content is recommended, rather than blindly accepting recommendations.
  • The biggest challenge in onboarding new users to Harmonic's platform is the reluctance of users to write pass phrases while creating a world, particularly if they are at a concert or festival.

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