From NFTs to Tech Innovations: Terraspaces

Terraspaces is a website builder and subscription service, which offers a range of web3 features and payment options.

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In this episode of Ready Layer One, we dive into the world of Terraspaces, an OG project in the NFT space. Despite a quiet period during the bear market, Terraspaces has continued to build and is now releasing new products on the NEAR ecosystem. The conversation begins with a deep dive into the development side of the project, discussing its attention to detail and visual appeal. Then we shift gears to explore the business development and marketing aspects of Terraspaces, highlighting its website builder and subscription service. Also, Terraspaces serves as an app store, offering various features to engage with web3 and accept payments in different cryptocurrencies like NEAR, Stripe, and Bitcoin. Tune in to learn more about TerraSpaces' journey and their vision for the future.

[00:01:27] Website builder with web3 integration.

[00:06:10] Non-consolidate staking platform.

[00:07:18] NFTs as gated subscriptions.

[00:11:25] NFTs and the future.

[00:15:21] Transitioning into a tech company.

[00:19:10] Getting involved at the protocol level.

[00:22:02] Payment processing on a protocol level.

[00:25:15] Scaling and Expansion.

[00:30:05] Letting things breathe or cutting quicker.

[00:34:29] Gamification and raffling.

[00:36:05] Bridging Web2 and Web3.

[00:39:39] Raffle and website giveaways.

[00:42:38] Fast authentication and decentralized front end.

[00:47:53] Leveraging the podcasting app.

[00:49:11] Community efforts and Twitter spaces.