E8 NEAR Protocol has so many NFTs and here's 30 we are following

The NEAR NFT ecosystem has been growing a lot in the last few months. Joe and I do a rundown of the 30+ that we have been following. This is a long episode so grab a tea or coffee and enjoy!  

NEAR https://near.org/
Here's a list of the NFTs we talk about. SO MANY! We will probably have to do a follow up episode in a few months.
Antisocial Ape Club - https://twitter.com/ASAC_NFT
Ape Near Club - https://twitter.com/apenearclubdao
Boo Monsters - https://twitter.com/BOOMonstersNEAR
Bullish Bulls - https://twitter.com/TheBullishBulls
Billionaire Bulls Club - https://twitter.com/BullsNear
CLAPES - https://twitter.com/CLAPES_NFT
Classy Kangaroos - https://twitter.com/ClassyKangaroos
Cool Dogs Club - https://twitter.com/cool_dogs_club
Dino Troop - https://twitter.com/DinotroopNFT
ΣngiNΣΛRT - https://twitter.com/engineart_nft
Genji - https://twitter.com/genjiNFT
Haven DAO - https://twitter.com/TheHavenDAO
Kaizo Fighters - https://twitter.com/KaizoFighters
Kokumo KongZ - https://twitter.com/KokumoKongz
Mara - https://twitter.com/MaraNFT_DAO Misfits - https://twitter.com/NEARMisfits
Mr. Brown - https://twitter.com/MrBrownNFT
NEARton - https://twitter.com/MetaNEARton
Nearbiez - https://twitter.com/Nearbiez
Near Dragon Nation - https://twitter.com/NearDragNation
Near Extinct Heroes - https://twitter.com/NEARExtinctNFT
Near Future Primal - https://twitter.com/NearFutureNFT
NEAR Meerkat Kingdom - https://twitter.com/NearMKingdom
NEAR Panda Squad - https://twitter.com/nearpandasquad
NEAR Street wolves - https://twitter.com/NearWolves
Near Tiger Academy - https://twitter.com/Near_Tiger
Near Tinker Union - https://twitter.com/NearTinkerUnion
NEARNaut - https://twitter.com/nearnauts
NEAR Kongz - https://twitter.com/near_kongz
Pixacotta Army - https://twitter.com/PixacottaArmy
Pretty Punk - https://twitter.com/PrettyPunksClub
Secret Skellies Society - https://twitter.com/SecretSkellies
The Lion Pride - https://twitter.com/TheLionPrideNFT
Tuff Toucans - https://twitter.com/tufftoucan
Ugly Apes Society - https://twitter.com/UglyApesSociety

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