E2: NFTs and the $NEAR crypto ecosystem

The NFT space on NEAR is beginning to grow. In today’s episode, we discuss the NFT minting process on NEAR, the ecosystem that’s forming, and some of the possible blue chips.

NEARton - https://twitter.com/MetaNEARton

Kokumo Kongz - https://twitter.com/KokumoKongz

Secret Skellies Society - https://twitter.com/SecretSkellies

Mr. Brown - https://twitter.com/MrBrownNFT

Classy Kangaroos - https://twitter.com/ClassyKangaroos

NEAR Meerkat Kingdom - https://twitter.com/NearMKingdom

NEARnauts - https://twitter.com/nearnauts

There are a bunch more coming up in the next few months and we will do a rundown of them all in a future episode.

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