Apollo42 NFT Marketplace on NEAR Protocol aims for decentralization, artists, and making the best UX/UI Product

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In this episode, we have invited Apollo42, a social NFT marketplace on NEAR Protocol and the world's first NFT ecosystem with social features, AR NFT Explorer, Metaverse Gallery, NFT Tracking tool, and NFT Launchpad with zero code. Today, Apollo42 will lead us about their features as a marketplace, its goals and perspective in the growing community of NFT.

Connect with Apollo 42
Website: https://apollo42.world/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/apollo42world/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/apollo42world
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/tzXA9U3VbV

The Apollo42
[0:18] Apollo42 is an NFT marketplace on NEAR protocol, which aims to innovate certain things into NFT space by adding social features.

Singular tools for NFTs
[8:41] Apollo42 is thinking about adding many features, how the social media aspect could benefit all the users, and how it could onboard the other social media like influencers.
[12:23] The creators or artists inside Apollo42 are what they are paying attention to since they are significant. Also, they aim not just the NEAR community but also to gain people in other blockchains.

Business Suite of Tools for Business
[20:04] They think that luxury goods and real estate have a huge potential to use NFTs as certificates of authenticity.

Reward System
[28:13] Apollo42 thinks rewarding people using your product is sketchy. Using tokens is a good way to reward people engaged in your product, but when they’re bored, there are certain problems. You have to be careful with spammers and bots.

One Area NFTs Marketplace is Missing
[36:47] There are many features and products that Apollo42 is developing in its own way. They recently announced an NFT portal feature.

NFT marketplace Competition Perspective
[38:13] This is not a market. It's building the community. Apollo42 thinks this will be one of the keys that will lead web3.

[44:08] With the marketplaces that we have, Apollo42 doesn't think there'll be 90% of users that we'll be using just one marketplace. We have so many unique marketplaces out there. Let's use all of them.

[47:40] Markets should utilize their resources to build web rehouses and products that will assist their users in developing themselves, promoting themselves, and doing anything they want, rather than just making updates on the marketplace, which is very important.

The Roadmap
[54:05] Apollo42 will be making a DAO, a pretty unique one, in the future, and they think it will be fun to participate in such a DAO.

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