Everyone Eats Entertainment | Bringing Artists and Fans Closer with Blockchain and NFTs

In this episode of Ready Layer One, our guests are JCB and Blake from Everyone Eats Entertainment. A Decentralized Label & NFT Marketplace Built on NEAR Founded by Grammy Award Winning, Platinum, Diamond Certified Crypto Nerds. We discuss a new project that aims to educate and onboard people into the world of blockchain technology and NFTs.

The project focuses on music and aims to create an open marketplace for artists to engage with their fans and sell merchandise and music NFTs with a utility beyond just collecting. Our guests also discuss the potential use of NFTs in stand-up comedy and books, as well as the benefits of building on the blockchain, such as transparency and global accessibility. Join us as we explore the future of the music industry and beyond with blockchain and NFTs.

Everyone Eats Entertainment https://twitter.com/EveryoneEatsEnt

JCB https://twitter.com/JCBBeats

Blake - https://twitter.com/blakeblizzy


  1. Onboarding tool to web3 using high caliber artists and simplified purchase process
  2. Focuses on music but plans to expand to other areas of entertainment
  3. Aims to solve the problem of artists not getting paid enough by creating an open marketplace
  4. NFTs create an underground coolness factor by providing exclusive merchandise
  5. Platform to create a community of fans investing in an artist
  6. Potential use of NFTs in the music industry, stand-up comedy, and books
  7. Benefits of building on blockchain: transparency, global accessibility, and potential for micro-transactions and fractional ownership

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